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Financial Terms

Cash Investment (Liquid): $100000

Minimum Investment: $107605

Maximum Investment: $165725

Minimum Net Worth:  


Franchise Fee: $45000

Business Type
  • Office Space


  • B2C

  • B2B

  • NA

Average # of Employees:


Participation Type:

  • Owner-Operator

  • Executive Model

  • Semi-Absentee


Year Established: 


14 Moves

14 Moves is the first Real Estate franchise of its kind! They provide owners the ability to create their own real estate empire by using their turn-key business model; enabling Franchise Owners and their team of Real Estate agents to focus on the 20% of tasks that generate 100% revenues. Their centralized support hub is strategically placed to support a large amount of transactions and handle all of the administrative and marketing support to get their owners and their team in production fast.

Their Franchise Owners are not selling homes, they are leading and motivating a team of Real Estate agents to help them achieve their goals. By utilizing their world class sales training programs and partnering with existing, local broker offices, 14 Moves provides their Franchise Owners with a low barrier of entry into the real estate market. There are no real estate leases or buildout, no large employee payroll, and quick ramp-up meaning their Franchise Owners get to spend more time recruiting agents, and reaching their goals much sooner than the traditional brokerage model. Their concept is simple, scalable and stress-free with incredible revenue potential.

Features of Business:

1. Stress-Free Business Model: 14 Moves has developed and engineered a successful system that empowers Franchise Owners to control and operate their business while allowing them flexibility to achieve work/life balance.

2. Minimum Employees Required: To start, a Franchise Owner will only need a general manager, and a courier. If they have agent experience, they can be their own general manager or "team lead" as they scale and launch the next location, they can hire a team lead to replace themselves.

3. Low Investment/High Earnings Potential: Million dollar revenues with a low inital investment of just $60,000. With their special relationship with Keller Williams, they benefit from the use of any of their 752 market centers around the country, which means no build-out costs and extremely fast ramp-up for their Franchise Owners.

4. Expert Marketing and Advertising: They have a finely-tuned marketing plan to help all real estate agents reach maximum productivity.

5. World-Class Sales Training and Coaching: They partner with the leading training and coaching companies in the real estate industry, and provide their Franchise Owners, general managers and agents with direct acess to the models, systems, mindset, and tools they need to consistently grow their business year over year.

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  • Stress-Free Business Model

  • Minimum Employees Required

  • Low Investment/High Earnings Potential

  •  Expert Marketing and Advertising

  •  World-Class Sales Training and Coaching

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