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Financial Terms

Cash Investment (Liquid): $200,000

Minimum Investment: $457,500

Maximum Investment: $1,246,000

Minimum Net Worth: $700,000

Franchise Fee: $45,000

Business Type
  • Retail 


  • B2B

  • Vet Fran

Average # of Employees:


Participation Type:

  • Owner-Operator

  • Executive Model


Year Established: 


1-800-RADIATOR and A/C

Same day delivery and specialty distribution company - finding the right buyer with long term potential is most important. Established in 1985, this company is a member of an exceptional network and chain store owned infrastructure -- this is the largest and most successful network nationwide within this $200 billion industry. The Company presents a compelling acquisition opportunity for a new owner-operator to further expand a growing and profitable wholesale distribution outlet. The Company sells specialized products to small businesses and retail customers. The Company anticipates the introduction of further product offerings which should increase profits substantially over the next five to seven years. Other outlets have been very successful without prior industry experience and a new owner is not expected to have any prior industry experience.

Investment Highlights:

  • Attractive industry / end-market: over 80% of product sales are non-discretionary in nature.

  • Long term secular growth driven by continued aging of U.S. vehicle population. (better engineered vehicles, macro-economic conditions and consumer perception on vehicle ownership has led to a continued aging of cars on the road).

  • Sustainable competitive advantage as specialty distributor with inventory availability in core product offerings significantly better than competitors.

Pricing power Nationally, gross margins have remained stable over the past 5 years; further tailwinds expected due to increased global sourcing.

  • Scalable business opportunity ability to increase same-store revenue / adding new products leads to significant profit growth.

  • Supported by technology focused and data driven network that provides significant resources in business analytics and CRM.

  • Buying power supported by national chain and combined system sales.

Total network sales of over $225,000,000 annually
Typically 4-6 employees, open 8-5 Mon-Fri and 9-1 on Sat.

We are a B2B wholesaler that specializes in select product lines and integrates cutting edge technology, enormous buying power, powerful marketing with locally owned and operated franchised businesses

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