Sarah Barker | SSB Consulting

Franchise Consultant  & Recruiting Specialist

Located in Boise, ID, but I work with clients in all states.








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5 steps to owning a franchise

SSBConsulting works with you to help find the franchise of your dreams! 

set up an initial call with us

Fill out the franchise questionaire


free consultation


 discovery & validation process


make a decision

step 1 - sign up for your 20 Minute free call 

When you work with SSB Consulting,  I get to know you, your likes and dislikes and what you are looking for in a business. I take an unbiased approach and provide a systematic method to help determine what is the best for you.  


  • During this call we will discuss you:

  • Budget

  • Area to open

  • Interest



step 2 - fill out the franchise questionnaire

Our questionnaire can be done in the leisure of your home.  This will help us to understand your business needs and goals better.  This helps us understand you better.  We will want to have a better understanding of the following:


  • Your work experience & education level

  • Family support

  • Business ownership data

  • How many units/territories you want to own

  • Business interest & type

  • Your day-to-day operational interest

  • Hours you want to work

  • Your budget and general qualification questions 



step 3 - consultation 

Once we have gained an understanding of your profile, we will have a follow-up call.  We will present 3 brands that will fit your interests.    You're in the driver's seat, telling us what you like and want to review in greater detail.  We will set up an initial call with the business and help you with questions to think about and ask.  A break down of this step will be the following:


  • 30 minute follow up call discussing

    • 3 brands that fit your interest

    • Funding options

  • Materials to review of businesses that interest you

step 4 - discovery & validation 

Once we determine a franchise that interests you, we will start the discover & validation process.  The typical flow looks like this:


  • Franchise initial call (getting to know each other)

  • Receive the franchise disclosure document (FDD)

    • *The purpose of the FDD is to provide prospective franchisees with information about the franchisor, the franchise system and the agreements they will need to sign so that they can make an informed decision. 

    • follow-up call with the franchise to answer questions about this document

  • Operations call regarding Marketing, Operations, and Training

  • Validation calls *calling other franchise owners

  • Discovery Day - Physically go to the corporate office and meet the team, tour the business, and experience first hand a day-in-the life.  *not all businesses have a Discovery Day.

step 5 - Make a decision!

Congrats, you are on the way to Realizing your Dreams!