Financial Terms

Cash Investment (Liquid): $0

Minimum Net Worth: $100,000

Franchise Fee: $0

Start-up costs, including location improvements, licensing and computer equipment purchases. Daily operating expenses, such as rent and staff salaries during the first few months when cash inflow is developing. Personal living expenses while you're attending Allstate's education program. Purchasing leads and advertising to promote your agency.

Business Type
  • Retail


  • B2C

  • NA

Licensing Required


Allstate Agency Owner

Your Allstate Agency. Your way

What makes this opportunity different is simple. You own an economic interest in the business. Period. No franchise fees. No royalty fees. Your hard work is just that, yours. From the moment you open your doors, you can do things your way.* You’re more than an insurance agent—you’re an Allstate Agency Owner.

It takes a special kind of person to become an Allstate Agency Owner. Successful candidates are equal parts dedicated and driven. They aren’t afraid to take risks and turn them into rewards. They are passionate about helping people and building a future for themselves. Opening an agency takes courage, commitment and compassion.

You want the highest earning potential you can get, but you also want the backing of a brand that you can believe in. That’s Allstate.


Maximize your earning potential One thing we do to give you room to grow is remove the ceiling. With no caps on what you can earn, the sky’s the limit for your bottom line.


No franchise or royalty fees Unlike other small business opportunities, Allstate doesn’t require franchise or royalty fees to open an agency. All that we ask is that you have $100,000 (minimum) in spendable capital and use it to directly invest in the growth of the business.


Great compensation We give you a highly competitive commission structure, plus the recognition and production incentives to back it up.


Build a legacy As an Agency Owner, you own an economic interest in the business. This gives you the freedom to sell to a qualified buyer or back to Allstate. You also have the opportunity to pass it on to your children or another family member.*


One of the most recognized brands in America Two-thirds of people recognize the Allstate Good Hands® tagline. That’s a pretty big brand that has your back. For over 85 years, Allstate Agency Owners have had this respected brand behind them every step of the way.


The right choice The advantages of choosing insurance can really add up: In demand. While some businesses are at the mercy of market fluctuations, insurance is something most people need. Revenue you can rely on. You receive a commission both when a policy is written and when it’s renewed. No wasted income. Without an inventory, you don’t need to worry about losing money to storage, spoilage or waste.

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