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Cash Investment (Liquid): $125,000

Minimum Investment: $74,780

Maximum Investment: $422,200

Minimum Net Worth: $250,000

Franchise Fee: $19,900

Business Type
  • Retail


  • B2C

Vet Fran

Average # of Employees:


Participation Type:

  • Owner-Operator

  • Executive Model


  • Year Established: 1964

  • Year First Franchised: 1970


Blimpie has been in business since 1964 and has a rich history as one of America's best-known and loved sandwich shops. Americans value convenience and restaurants like Blimpie allow them to access a quick meal at a fair price. They cater to health conscious customers by using fresh, wholesome meats and veggies that can be customized to their liking!

Why US?

Introducing Blimpie Express!

In addition to their well-established traditional concept, they're proud to introduce the streamlined Blimpie Express concept. Built in modular units, Blimpie Express locations are designed to fit neatly into convenience stores and travel shops. These small locations are integrated into existing businesses, allowing franchisees to save on many of the costs associated with opening a freestanding store.

  • A time tested brand! Blimpie stands out among other sub sandwich franchise opportunities because they've been in business so long (since 1964!). For more than 50 years they've developed a strong brand identity and people around the world are familiar with the Blimpie brand

  • An affordable investment! Blimpie restaurants can get started with a comparatively low investment. Their modest franchise fee combined with the simple things you'll need to invest in make Blimpie the perfect opportunity for investors large and small

  • Blimpie is one of the oldest sub shops around - leading them to become one of the most recognizable sandwich brands in the US! Established in 1964, they pioneered the concept of making sandwiches fresh, in front of their customers, customized to their unique tastes

  • With more than 50 years of experience, they've refined the process of opening a new restaurant down to a science, helping their franchisees to open and operate their new businesses as efficiently as possible

  • The brand is not over saturated and there is territory available for expansion!


Initial Sandwich Franchise Support

We help our franchisees navigate the pre-opening process in a number of ways. One of the most valuable sandwich franchise supports we offer is assistance in finding a location for your new restaurant. You’ll also work with real estate experts to find a perfect spot in your territory that meets all of our criteria. A few of the many things we keep in mind when looking for a new Blimpie location include population density, the visibility of our signage, and parking availability. With more than 50 years of experience, we’ve learned exactly what to look for in a new Blimpie franchise location.

We also support our franchisees by assisting them as they set up their new restaurant. We’ve developed a distinctive look and feel for our franchises, and we help you to achieve it by connecting you with the right vendors for signage, fixtures, and so forth.

Blimpie’s Sandwich Franchise Training

Our sandwich franchise training is designed to get all of our franchisees up-to-speed on how to operate one of our restaurants, regardless of their prior career experience. At our headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, you’ll work with a team of Blimpie experts who will show you how to manage all of the important tasks you’ll oversee in your restaurant (for instance, mastering our state-of-the-art point-of-sale system). Best of all, your franchisee fee covers the cost of two people to attend the training, so you’ll bring along one of your trusted staff – allowing you both to learn from the experts how your store should be run. Your training will be divided between classroom learning and on-the-job training, where you’ll get to see the principles you’ve learned in action in a fully-operational Blimpie location.

Of course, your initial training doesn’t end there. One of our experts will join you right at your location around the time of your grand opening for up to six days to work with you and your team. While there, you’ll be observed, and we’ll ensure you’re properly implementing everything you learned about in training.

After all of this initial training, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to get your Blimpie franchise up and running with confidence.

Ongoing Supports

Once your restaurant is open, Blimpie continues to support our franchisees. They have access to a comprehensive operations manual that allows them access to common questions as well as our policies. They can look forward to regular contact with a franchise expert who will provide them with guidance and feedback as they grow their business. We’re there to provide franchisees with some guidance when it comes to marketing their new restaurant. Furthermore, we’re always conducting research and development to help our franchisees offer the best products and services to their customers, helping them stay competitive.

Ideal Candidate

  • Owners don't need to have experience opening and operating their business - their franchisees work closely with their team for support

  • They appeal to all types of owners - young couples looking to start a family business, or a season

  • Enthusiastic owners looking to continue Blimpie's legacy in their own communities

  • Someone that wants to be hand on in their business

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