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Franchise Consultant  & Recruiting Specialist

Located in Boise, ID, but I work with clients in all states.








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Pet Care​


Liquid Cash Required

  • Aussie Pet Mobile is a scalable home based business in the dynamic pet industry. They come to the pet owner's home (or office) to groom their pets, thus reducing stress on the pet with the added convenience of saving their owner valuable time by not having to drive to a traditional groom shop.

  • Theirs is a simple, straightforward business model: They are looking for self-starters with strong communication and people skills as well as the desire to deliver excellent service - MANAGERS. Some business background is a plus, absolutely NO grooming experience is necessary!

  • The pet industry is the 7th largest in the US.  Americans spent $43 billion on their pets in 2008 in a very good economy. Following four rough years, that number rose in 2012 to $53 billion and in 2015 consumers spent $67.7 billion on their pets, with expansion projected to continue at $2-3 billion annually!

  • This is a true home based business with a few skilled employees, minimal inventory, no receivables and good margins.  NO prior grooming experience is needed. They are seeking managers!

  • Aussie Pet Mobile is an excellent brand and has been franchising since 1999, with many mature franchisees that validate well.

Aussie Pet Mobile


Liquid Cash Required

Dee-O-Gee™ is an emerging leader in the independent pet industry and on a quest to provide the best healthy care options for dogs and cats in your area. Dee-O-Gee offers a curated selection of natural pet foods, unique retail goods (toys, treats and gear), supplements, full-service professional pet grooming, self-service dog wash and dog daycare (Day Camp). The Pet Industry is a $60 Billion annual business in the United States and you can be part of this rapidly growing industry, utilizing their proven successful model. They are currently looking for franchise partners to extend their unique services and products to your area.

This is an independent pet supply franchise concept, including retail sales (pet foods, toys, treats, etc) and services (grooming, self-serve dog wash, day care). Dee-O-Gee started in 2008 in Bozeman, MT with 2 corporate locations and currently offers 8,000 square feet of space, spanning 2 locations with 2 unique concepts offering a combination of the above services and retail.

  • "smaller" concept has retail + self-service dog wash

  • "larger" concept has retail, professional grooming, self-service dog wash, dog day care



Liquid Cash Required

Founded in 2002, Dogtopia is the nation's leading dog daycare & boarding facilities offering an experience unparalleled in the market. With over 70 stores operating and over 150 sold and in development, Dogtopia is currently the fastest growing franchise in the pet industry!

With an emphasis on education, exercise and socialization for dogs, pet parents have the assurance of leaving their beloved family members in the hands of trained professionals in an environment created with the safety of dogs in mind. Each facility averages about 5,000 square feet and is specially designed to provide dogs and pet parents with the best experience by reducing odors, noise level, illness and accidents.