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Cash Investment (Liquid): $60000

Minimum Investment: $113682

Maximum Investment: $188615

Minimum Net Worth: $250000

Franchise Fee: $30000

Business Type
  • Retail 


  • B2C


Average # of Employees:


Participation Type:

  • Executive Model

  • Semi-Absentee


  • Year Established: 1979

  • Year First Franchised: 1981

Deck The Walls

Deck the Walls is a part of Franchise Concepts, Inc. one of the largest retailers of art and custom framing in North America. Our stores feature; ready to hang art, canvas art, art prints and quality custom framing. Our stores are visually inviting and staffed with highly trained designers and framers. Single units and multiple units available.

Why US?



1.  Low startup and low inventory costs

If you’ve looked at other types of franchises, you know the startup costs can be astronomical. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at our reasonable costs. Franchisees have told us this gave them an important comfort zone when they joined our franchise system, and it also enabled them to quickly expand.

2.  The combined buying power of FCI’s system of stores

With our parent company’s dominant industry position, we’ve been able to negotiate major discounts, not only with leading publishers, distributors and suppliers, but also with credit card providers, insurance companies, advertising options and more––discounts that will give your business a serious advantage over every other competitor out there.

3.  Assistance with site selection, lease negotiation and custom buildout

Our experienced startup team will work with you right from the beginning. We’ll help evaluate potential sites, help negotiate the best possible lease, and work with you during the entire construction process. We know what it takes to make a store work, and we’ll make sure yours gets off on the right foot, right from the beginning.

4.  Comprehensive training programs

Our franchisees come from a variety of different backgrounds. Some were experienced business people who recognized the potential of our concept, but had no framing experience. Others were experienced framers who had no idea how to run a successful business. Today, thanks to our intensive training program, which includes a thorough introduction to our state-of-the-art computer systems, our experienced business people have become expert framers, and our framers know exactly how to run an efficient business.

5.  Financing assistance

At your request, we’ll be happy to connect you with third party financing sources that are familiar with our programs.

6.  Prime locations still available

Chances are, you’ll find an excellent location in a shopping center near where you live. Or if you prefer, you can use this as an opportunity to relocate to just about any other area of the country you’d like.

7.  Professionally prepared, proven marketing and merchandising programs

The National Marketing Fund was established to provide you with a full range of professionally produced marketing and merchandising materials––the kind you couldn’t afford as an independent business owner. Some of these programs include our proprietary web based marketing system and direct mail programs, our yearlong series of in-store merchandising programs, a link to your store’s individual customizable website on Deck The Walls website, in-store window and point of sale signage and displays, as well as other National advertising discounts. Plus, our “Best Seller Lists” will give you an ongoing, industry-wide view of what’s hot and what’s not.

8.  Ongoing support programs

As our Mission Statement says, “The success of our franchisees is our highest priority.” We have dedicated professionals working full-time for you in our Franchise Support Center in St Peters, Mo, and trained field support Regional Sales Managers as well.

9.  Excellent networking and educational opportunities

To help you stay current on all aspects of the industry we conduct an annual gathering for our franchisees in conjunction with North America’s largest industry trade show. This allows franchisees an opportunity to network while taking advantage of exceptional educational opportunities.

10.  Personal satisfaction

Running a business isn’t always a matter of dollars and cents. A great many people own successful businesses that give them no personal pleasure whatsoever. Deck The Walls is different. Here, you’re dealing with happy customers who come in by choice, who have interesting projects for you, and who are depending on you to help beautify their homes and offices. You’re taking artwork or family heirlooms they genuinely treasure, and turning them into pieces they can display with pride. This makes it fun for both you and your customers.

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