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Financial Terms

Cash Investment (Liquid): $30,000

Minimum Investment: $73,800

Maximum Investment: $152,500

Minimum Net Worth: $100,000

Franchise Fee: $43,000

Royalty Type: Flat Percentage Fee

Royalty Fee Structure:

10% of gross sales monthly. Minimum of $600 per month beginning in the 13th month of operation.

Ad Fee Structure:

2% of gross sales monthly

Business Type
  • Home Based


  • B2B

  • B2C

  • Vet Fran

Average # of Employees:


Participation Type:

  • Owner-Operator

  • Executive Model


Year Established: 2004

Year First Franchised: 2006

Dryer Vent Wizard


Dryer Vent Wizard is the only nationally organized company focusing on dryer vent cleaning and repairs. There are now franchise locations servicing communities throughout the United States and Canada! Their concept continues to grow at a rapid pace and is one of the hottest home-based franchise concepts available.  

Dryer Vent Wizard understands that their franchisee’s success is their success and they prove it with their outstanding training and support programs. Their in-depth training provides the franchisees with the necessary education and skills to work with customers, provide outstanding service, and grow their business investment.  The support they offer is based on their business model and comes directly from experts who actually own and operate one of the franchises. 

Homeowners save on energy costs due to reduced drying times after DVW has cleaned, repaired, replaced or altered a dryer vent. These vents often have lint accumulation inside, a known fire hazard and the reason most dryers don’t function properly.  With 80% of U.S. households owning dryers, the market and opportunity for business is HUGE. No matter what happens in the economy, the laundry continues to build up and so does the lint. When dryers stop working properly, it’s usually due to clogged vents and repair companies typically cannot help.

Simply put, Dryer Vent Wizard is the company homeowners and businesses turn to for preventing dryer fires and saving money on energy bills.

Why US?
  • Home-based business

  • 9 to 4 Monday through Friday

  • Zero employees required to start

  • Owner/Operator & Executive models available

  • 2014 Forbes #6 Top 10 Franchise Under $150K

  • Driven by marketing and partner referrals - no need for pushy sales

  • US-based national call center answers phones 24 hours a day

  • 93% of customer calls resuilt in an appointment (93% booking rate)

  • Owners/Technicians close 93-98% of appointments at time of visit

  • They know who they are - there are no big surprises

  • A beautifully unsexy concept


Pre-Training at home 4 weeks. One week in Michigan. Three - Five Days in Charlotte for field training.

Ideal Candidate

  • Good interpersonal communication skills

  • Values excellent customer service

  • Likes to problem solve

  • Good leadership and management skills

  • Coachable

  • Handy, might be mechanical

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  • Home-based business

  • 9 to 4 Monday through Friday

  • Zero employees required to start

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