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Franchise Document Review

Congratulations are in order! It's exciting to embark on a new adventure!
When purchasing a Franchise, you need to understand the legal ramifications of entering into a relationship with your Franchisor.
All Franchisors will provide you with a Franchise Disclosure Document (the "FDD").
When it comes time to close a deal, then you will receive a Franchise Agreement (the "FA").
Your Franchisor used attorneys to draft these documents so their interests could be protected.
That's where we come in!
We help you understand your legal responsibilities and liabilities from these documents. 
Choose from the options below to determine how best we can be by your side.
No matter what, you can rest assured we have your best interest at heart!

Here Are Your Options:

Tier 1 - Exploring Options!

FDD Reviews


Best If:

You want to better determine whether a Franchise Opportunity is worth further exploring!

Our FDD Review Includes:

  • 1-hour Assessment of Your Motives and Goals

  • Line-by-line Attorney Review of FDD

  • 2-hour Attorney Consult With You per FDD 

  • 1 Summary Sheet per FDD


*Price is included if you move into a higher Tier.

Tier 2 - Closing The Deal!

FDD + FA Reviews


Best If:

You want the freedom to explore opportunities and want us by your side to help you close your deal!

Our FDD + Franchise Agreement (FA) Review Includes:

  • All of Tier 1 PLUS

  • Up to 3 FDD Reviews

  • Line-by-line Franchise Agreement Review

  • 2 hours of Consult for FA

  • Compliance Binder of FA Obligations


*Price is included if you move into a higher Tier.

Tier 3 - Running Start!

FDD + FA + Start-Up Docs

Best If:

You want to ensure your new business is built on a solid foundation.

Our Running Start! Includes:

  • All of Tier 1 PLUS

  • All of Tier 2 PLUS

  • Compliance Binder of FA, State and Federal Obligations

  • Operating Agreement or Bylaws

  • Contracts for Clients, Vendors, or Employees

  • Employment Policies

  • Waivers or Releases of Liability

  • Invoice, Receipt, Billing, and Payment Language

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