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Financial Terms

Cash Investment (Liquid): $500,000

Minimum Investment: $555,000

Maximum Investment: $1,200,000

Minimum Net Worth: $1,000,000

Franchise Fee: $49,750

Business Type
  • Retail 


  • B2B

  • NA

Average # of Employees:


Participation Type:

  • Executive Model


Year Established: 2010

Year First Franchised: 2015

Image Studios 360

The Image Studios 360 salon studio concept consists of a large retail space around 5,000 square feet and build out of 28-32 salon studios (each ranging from 100 square feet - 250 square feet) that are leased to beauty professionals such as hair stylists, estheticians, nail techs and massage therapists who operate their own business within their studio. It’s like a mini-mall of hair salons all under one roof, and the franchisee is the landlord.
Their systems, strategic marketing and the appeal of their brand helps keep studios fully leased out for optimal return on investment. This provides stable and predictable cash flow for their franchisees, which allows them to focus on growing additional locations or to pursue other interests.

Why Us? 

1.Stress-Free Business Model:​ Image Studios 360 has developed and engineered a successful system that empowers franchisees to control and operate their business while allowing them the flexibility to focus on their goals and other things that are important to them.


2.Minimum Employees Required:​ In most cases, a franchisee operator can manage three to four Image Studios 360 salons on their own (with the assistance of contract janitorial and repairs and maintenance people). On average, you will need to hire one employee for every fourth salon you open.


3.Marketing & Advertising Assistance:​ Now to our favorite part - most of our franchisees are not from the beauty industry, and they may feel unsure of how to reach this niche market. Our expertise in marketing and advertising really shines through our fine-tuned marketing plan to help the studios maintain maximum occupancy.


4.Beautifully Designed Studios:​ We are proud of the recognition we are receiving for our fresh and unique design packaged with our powerful and effective marketing. Each location has a "wow" factor when you enter the space, and the design is a breath of fresh air compared to other salon studio concepts. Isn’t it time to have a space that is designed for creative individuals?  
5. Ongoing Coaching & Support:​ We are passionate about this business and we believe that our sustainable success lies in coaching and empowering our franchisees on an ongoing basis. Their own personal development as an Image Studios 360 entrepreneur will be reflected through the success of the entire system.

Support and Training


➔ Six weeks of virtual training is completed after franchise fee is paid.

➔ Training is completed in accordance with the following manuals:

◆ Operations Manual (245 pages)

◆ Build Out Manual (150 pages)

◆ Style Guide (25 pages)

➔ New franchisees also receive extensive training from us on how to lease salon studios to beauty professionals 

On-Going Support:  

New franchisees will have weekly calls with the corporate team for the first two months after opening to review of financials and occupancy rates. Franchisees participate in monthly support calls after the initial two months, as well as monthly calls with the founder to receive developments and updates for the franchise system.

Field Support: 

As the system expands, we will have territory managers assigned to specific regions to work directly with our franchisees. 

Annual Meetings:

We will hold an annual conference for all franchisees to include training, motivate  them, and help identify ways they can continue to expand their number of sites to become multi-unit operators. The long term and sustainable focus for our franchisees and for us as a system, is MULTI-UNIT   POTENTIAL! 

Day in the life 

● Operating an Image Studios 360 is extremely rewarding and provides flexibility to owners.

● Tenants' rent payments are run automatically every two weeks via ACH, so there is very little to be done by the franchisee for regular rent collection.

● The first six months of operation require daily attention and involvement by the owner with many onsite visits to help tenants move in, and to greet, meet and tour prospective tenants.  The owner's presence helps build community among the independent business tenants/professionals.

● Maintenance needs are typically outsourced to a licensed handyman or contractor, but the franchise owner can take on any janitorial tasks.

● Once the salon is fully occupied we recommend visiting the location 2-3 times per week to interact with your professionals, look for any maintenance needed, and ensure the space is clean, presentable, etc.

● Accounting can be done from the franchisee's notebook computer anywhere there is a wifi connection. Bookkeeping should take an estimated 4-6 hours per month; over time the hours will reduce further.

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