Financial Terms

Cash Investment (Liquid): $75,000

Minimum Investment: $108,800

Maximum Investment: $261,250

Minimum Net Worth: $200,000

Franchise Fee: $45,000

Business Type
  • Retail 


  • B2B

  • B2C

  • Vet Fran

Average # of Employees:


Participation Type:

  • Owner-Operator

  • Semi-Absentee


Year Established: 2007

Year First Franchised: 2016

kidcreate studio

The Kidcreate Studio franchise is a growing movement of entrepreneurs who are inspired to bring greater levels of creativity and fun to kids through their award-winning art curriculum. They specialize in children's art classes, camps, and art-themed birthday parties, for kids aged 18 months to 12 years. Classes are packed with fun art activities like pottery, drawing, painting, and of course "Messy Time". Through this process, kids learn about art concepts, techniques, and history.

Why Us? 

1. Award Winning Curriculum​: Our award-winning curriculum library of over 1,000 lessons plans infuse art to teach math, science, history, technique, and “kid-pop culture”. Our lesson plans are specifically tailored to match the needs of children at different developmental levels and are packed with fun kids art activities like pottery, drawing, painting, and messy time. 

2. Non-Digital:​ We are “Amazon Proof”! Our truly unique experience cannot be replicated online and parents feel great about our non-digital fun. We make kids ​want ​ to put down the iPad or game controller in order to get out there and create. 


3. Our Studio & On-The-Go Partnerships​: ​Our studios are fun, bright and create a perfect canvas for a creative learning experience and located in “mom-friendly” locations. Our On-The-Go partnerships allow Franchise Owners to bring our award-winning curriculum to their local communities by partnering with charter, private and Montessori schools, homeschool programs, daycares, preschools, parks and rec centers, churches, country clubs, school carnivals and other events.  

4. Community Focused​: ​Our Owners are actively involved in their communities, becoming a well-known presence as they network and partner with various community organizations and outreach groups. This is an opportunity to become a community leader striving to make a change for the better as we all fight against the decline in art education.

Support and Training

Training Our training program, Kidcreate Academy, consists of a 100-hour combination of self-study, classroom training, and on-the-job instruction. The initial training phase takes place over the course of five days in Minnesota. Onsite training takes place at the Franchise Owner’s studio location in order to prepare them for their grand opening. This usually takes about three days. 
On-Going Support The training and support will never end as we continuously strive to improve the Kidcreate Studio system. To ensure that we remain current with industry trends and new curriculum, managers and Franchise Owners may be required to participate in refresher training courses each year at a Franchisor designated location.  
Field Support Our Field Consultant will work with Franchise Owners on a regular basis to refine and improve their local operations for up to 14 days per year at their franchise location. This includes on-site training for up to 4 days during Grand Opening. 
Marketing We have developed a variety of advertising materials and sales aids specifically designed for Franchise Owners to use to promote their business. Additionally, our Marketing Director is available to provide one-on-one ongoing assistance with local marketing programs. Franchise Owners are expected to spend $500 per month on local advertising. This is in addition to a contribution to the national brand fund in the amount of 1% of gross sales. 
Annual Meetings
We do not hold annual meetings at this time. However, we may provide periodic seminars, workshops, and additional trainings for Franchise Owners and their manager.

Ideal Candidate

We are looking for entrepreneurs who understand how important art education is for children, and is ready to help fill the void by providing their communities with a fun and truly enriching experience. More importantly, we are seeking business owners to be actively involved in leading and managing the operations of their Kidcreate Studio. This is ​NOT​ a franchise for an individual who envisions themselves teaching art classes or being actively in charge of children. Rather, our ideal Franchise Owners are business minded sales professionals and individuals who want to build and scale a successful empire while feeling good about the value of the work they do.  
We have identified a few qualities needed to not only achieve the levels of success we are accustomed to, but also to find true fulfillment in the business. Since, 70% of our revenues stem from securing partnerships, individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit and ​innate sales skills​ will be the most successful. They are also​ natural networkers!​ Seen as a community connector, their biggest motivator is to build strong working relationships that brings families and communities together. Lastly, they are ​passionate ​about bringing enrichment to children’s lives through the love of art. Maybe not an artist but they believe that art education is a vital part of childhood development.  
● Owner Operator eventually Semi-Absentee  ● Strong sales & marketing skills ● Business savvy, highly driven and motivated by success ● Customer and community focused  ● Wants strong profitability and fulfillment in a business  ● Passionate about impacting children and families  ● Desires a flexible schedule to balance work and home lif

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