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Cash Investment (Liquid): $75000

Minimum Investment: $126665

Maximum Investment: $287950

Minimum Net Worth: $150000

Franchise Fee: $49000

Business Type
  • Home Based

  • Retail


  • B2C

Vet Fran

Average # of Employees:


Participation Type:

  • Owner-Operator

  • Semi-Absentee


  • Year Established: 2014

  • Year First Franchised: 2018

Level UP

As the only STEM franchise to offer both brick & mortar and on-the-go programs to elementary through high school age students, their year-around programs, summer camps, and learning labs prepare students for college, internships, and careers in Programming, Game Development, Design, and Robotics. With over 150 different courses available, more than any other STEM franchise, they have something that appeals to a variety of skill levels and interests. None of their competitors come even close to this, offering up to 40 courses at most. They even created the first YouTube camp in North America that continues to be one of their best-selling programs!


Why US?

1. The ONLY Brick & Mortar and On-The-Go STEM Model: Unlike many other STEM programs that offer only either mobile partnerships or a brick & mortar facility, Level UP is the ONLY STEM franchise for children ages 7-18 to offer both. Their mobile, on-the-go partnerships are secured by renting temporary spaces, such as churches, schools, community centers, and existing complementary businesses. Owners can begin in temporary spaces and grow their customer base before launching a retail space allowing for a faster ramp-up.

2. In Demand Curriculum: The need for advanced IT and programming is continuing to increase. There will be 1.4 million open computing jobs by 2020 but only 400,000 computer-science graduates with the skills to fill them. Level UP prepares students for the jobs that will be in demand in the future by focusing on real programming languages as opposed to drag-and-drop programs other STEM academies use to simplify coding processes. This future-focused vision allows them to constantly develop and create new classes, ensuring that Level UP Learning Centers will always be relevant, current, and their curriculum is updated every 6 months to keep up with ever-changing technology. Supplemental education is a need-based, recession-resilient services as parents will always continue to support their children's future.

3. Effortless Staffing: Level UP Learning centers are extremely easy to operate with very few staff members. Because they implement a self-directed curriculum, a ratio of 1 teacher to 10 students is sufficient. They also have a successful, proven model in place to hire university and college computer science students as teachers and coaches, and their locations can be operated with 1-3 part-time employees. Other STEM concepts require around 25. In addition to that, no prior experience is required, as they provide an extensive training program with a STEM Certification for all new Owners, which is also unique to Level UP. 

4. Complementary Revenue Streams: The combination of their brick & mortar locations and their on-the-go partnerships allow them to attract more clients, resulting in natural cross-marketing and repeat business. Because their four main career paths offer four years of content, students are encouraged to stick with their program for a number of years, for recurring revenue. Year-around programs are signed up for on a weekly basis with a 3-month minimum commitment.

5. Flexible Ownership Options: Level UP can be run as Owner-Operator or Semi-Absentee, depending on how the Owner prefers to be involved in the business. Staff can be easily trained to handle the teaching so that Owners can focus on building a stable and successful business while also enjoying time with their families. Their classes are registration-based to save on overhead of staffing instructors.

6. Community Focused: Their owners are actively involved in their communities, becoming a well-known presence as they network and partner with various community organizations and outreach groups. Owners become leaders in the areas of kids and technology as they build brand awareness at community events. Internationally, Level UP sponsors schools so that underserved youth can get their basic education, including literacy, numeracy, technological and vocational skills.


A franchise should be able to demonstrate that it is prepared to
offer long-term support to its potential investors. Entrepreneurs
looking to invest in a franchise opportunity should be confident
that the corporate team will provide consistent, ongoing training
and support tailored to their needs.

Level UP offers an industry-leading training and STEM certifica-
tion program to ensure that each of our Franchise Owners is

well-equipped to own and operate a location. We also employ a
successful, proven model to hire university and college students
with backgrounds in STEM-based disciplines as teachers and
coaches for each Level UP location, taking the burden of staffing
off of the hands of our Franchise Owners and ensuring that
quality instruction is taking place in every Learning Center and
on-the-go partnership at all times.

If you have been thinking about getting in on the ground floor of
a fast-growing industry, making a difference in the future success
of the children in your community, and wish to have the freedom

to operate your own STEM enrichment business with the sup-
port of a proven, industry-leading course curriculum and strong

potential economics, it may be time to explore the Level UP
franchise opportunity.

Ideal Candidate

At Level UP, we are looking for business professionals who want to get out of the corporate grind and become leaders in the development and growth of the future marketplace. They should share our vision for providing a unique, industry-leading service to the children in their communities. We are looking for entrepreneurs who understand how important STEM education is for the future of today’s children, and are ready to help fill the void by providing their communities with a fun and truly enriching experience. Owners will not necessarily be teaching the classes themselves, so no prior teaching or tech experience is required, but a passion for education or tech/computer science is a plus. Because a portion of our revenue is generated by securing partnerships, Level UP Owners should have networking abilities and be ready to get out into the community to foster relationships with businesses in the area. 
Qualities we look for include: 
● Owner Operator or Semi-Absentee  ● Growth mindset with a readiness to scale the business ● Customer-focused with excellent communication skills ● Passionate about computer science and technology ● Networking ties and abiity ● Strong sales & marketing skills ● Business acumen ● Management experience and leadership skills ● Desire to make a difference in the life of children, families, and communit

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