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Cash Investment (Liquid): $150,000

Minimum Investment: $345,625

Maximum Investment: $690,500

Minimum Net Worth: $500,000

Franchise Fee: $40,000

Business Type
  • Retail 


  • B2C


Average # of Employees:


Participation Type:

  • Owner-Operator

  • Semi-Absentee


  • Year Established: 1972

  • Year First Franchised: 2018

Miller's Roast Beef

There are only a handful of brands in the market that can say that they have been around for three generations, and they are proud to be one of them! For almost fifty years, they have provided the freshest, best-tasting, consistently prepared authentic slow roasted roast beef sandwiches and sides on the market. From generation to generation to generation, they have found unwavering success by providing high-quality food, exceptional customer service, and a consistent dining experience.


Why US?

Just like their sandwiches, the strength of their time-tested business model lies in it's simplicity and uniqueness and they understand what it takes to be successful no matter what the economic climate looks like. They work hard to source the finest ingredients, continually improving their efficiencies in operations, and they take pride in their never-ending commitment to training, motivating, and empowering individuals who are part of the Miller's Roast Beef family.

Key Points:

  • Truly Unique Concept: While there are many "knock-off" Roast Beef restaurants, there are virtually no authentic slow roasted roast beef sandwich concepts in the franchise space. With customers continuing to demand authenticity and quality in their food options, Miller's Roast Beef is posed to take advantage of this void in the market

  • Simple Menu Offerings: Their simple, yet expansive menu offerings allow Franchise Owners (and most importantly their staff) to become experts in the products they serve, which in turn has a positive effect on consistency and quality, both in terms of food and service, and it helps limit food waste.

  • Efficient Operations: They have had almost 50 years to achieve operational perfection with their business model. For franchise owners, these efficiencies offer far fewer headaches in executing the model as compared to your average restaurant concept

  • Freedom and Flexibility: While they are hyper-focused on quality, performance, and profitability, they've made it a point to adopt a simple, yet effective business model which means their Franchise Owners are able to spend less time in their restaurants, and more time enjoying doing the things they love to do with the people they love the most

  • Community Oriented: They are a brand that ingrains itself directly in many aspects of it's local community. This is one of the reasons for their success. They truly believe that  becoming a community leader and servant provides not only a financial ROI, but something more important, which is a sense of fulfillment and purpose


Training: They provide initial training which includes marketing, sales and business management as well as systems and procedures necessary to operate a Miller's Roast Beef Restaurant. In addition, they provide a condensed  "shift manager training program" for up to 2 employees at no additional costs. During this condensed program the "shift manager" will learn the necessary skills and tasks associated with running shifts effectively during times when the owner or operating partner are not on site.

On-going support: They are committed to providing franchise owners with guidance every step of the way. Their support starts immediately after signing the franchise agreement with real estate, construction, and supply chain assistance. Through weekly progress calls, they assist in setting up the business, introducing Franchise Owners to their preferred vendors, health and safety standards, profit and loss management marketing and more.

Field support: Their support team is here to work with Franchise Owners from the moment the franchise agreement is signed. Their primary goal is to provide them with the tools and support they will need to help optimize the sales and profits of the restaurant to maximize their potential.

Marketing: They provide marketing materials, assist with building and maintaining a strong social media program, and provide the tools and strategies necessary to attract and retain local customers. They require 1% of Monthly Gross Sales to be spent on local marketing and 2% of Weekly Gross Sales for their Brand Fund. They also assist with Grand Opening campaigns through the use of direct email, email marketing, social media, digital display ads using geo-fencing, and retargeting strategies.

Ideal Candidate

Qualified candidates will also have a passion for the Miller's Roast Beef brand and share the company's commitment to quality products and excellent service, as well as sincere community involvement. Their "true ambassadors" are individuals who share their cultural values and have an appreciation for where they've come from and where they're going. Together, they make each other stronger and will work together to spread the Miller's Roast Beef brand to new communities everywhere.

  • Passionate about people: strong belief in motivating, leading, and building teams

  • Committed to selling an "experience"

  • Highly ethical and moral

  • Detail & process oriented

  • Strong customer service skills

  • Strong business acumen

  • Community-minded

  • Multi-unit minded

  • Former restaurant experience not required

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