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Franchise Alternatives

The Naturals2Go MVP program is comprehensive and “Turn Key”. Owners offer Healthy Snacks and Beverages utilizing the latest technology in automated retail - better known as vending.

Vending Machines



B2B / B2C

Liquid Cash Required


CPG Inc. (Careers, People, Growth) is a leading international HR company that specializes in finding and solving the root cause problems of recruiting, on-boarding, training, and employee retention for industry leading businesses. The demand for CPG services is continuously increasing as the market size of the Global HR & Recruitment Services industry has grown year over year.

HR Services

CPG Inc. (Careers, People, Growth)

Home Based; Office Space


Liquid Cash Required


They are coffee business specialists with, collectively, over 150 years of experience in the food/drink service industry who want to use their experience to help you open your own coffee cafe.


Hard Bean Coffee



Liquid Cash Required


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