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An Interview with Apex FunRun

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

I recently had a chance to visit with Terrance Roberts, Franchise Development Manager for Apex Leadership co./Apex Fun Run. We had a chance to discuss their franchise opportunity. Enjoy our Q&A to learn more about this fantastic franchise.


As an Apex Leadership co./Apex Fun Run franchise owner you will be in charge of your own destiny. You will make a huge impact in your local schools, clubs and youth serving organizations by utilizing our sophisticated fundraising franchise system. We raise more money for schools/organizations than any other product-based company/fundraising company in the country!!

This program is set up to promote fitness and leadership traits to students. Apex has transformed the traditional idea of a product sale into a fun, fitness-centered event that students and teachers enjoy.

The program is set up to raise more money for the teachers and the school than any other product sale could. In fact, 10% of the funds raised by each class go directly back to the teacher’s budget for supplies, food, field trips…

Since 2012, the program has helped schools in 32 states, served 2.8 million kids and raised $71 million NET for schools.

· Apex has been in Franchise Business Review Top 50 for Five years in a row

· Apex has been ranked #1 in category by Entrepreneur 500 for five years in a row


Questions and Answers with Terrance M. Roberts~ Franchise Development Manager

How did you get to where you are at?

My background is 15 years of non- profit experience. I started a non-profit from scratch with an 18- member board. I really understand the fundraising side, getting in your community and establishing relationships. Fast forward, he was working with another franchise company, when he was approached by Apex Leadership co./Apex Fun Run Leadership Co. I knew nothing about them, but the more I talked the more I liked the concept. With a background in the non-profit sector, I feel fortunate to be a part of this brand. My role is to help identify great people to become a part of the Apex Leadership co./Apex. team

Why a franchise vs. a startup or existing business?

I think the main thing with franchising is when you partner with a good franchisor, the reason you’re paying that royalty is for the proven business model. That is the whole key, being able to know if you have a question or anything you need to work on you can call the corporate staff. They are going to be able to help you and walk you through it because they have gone through it themselves. We’ve been franchising since 2012. We are in 110 territories across the country. Only 16% of the approximately 3,800 franchises in the country even get to where we are, which is over 100 territories. You’re paying for that proven business model. We have the systems and processes in place for you to follow.

What is the best thing about being a part of Apex Leadership co./Apex Fun Run?

Answer: The best thing is our athletes being in the school for two weeks and the impact that they make, it’s tremendous! I have more than 15 years of non-profit/working with kids directly and I was blown away by the impact Apex Leadership co./Apex Fun Run makes when we are in a school. Life is about relationships. When we leave schools, kids are crying, principals are emailing us telling us that since we have left their school, attendance has dropped. To date, we have raised 71million dollars NET for schools. Think about what our owners are doing for those schools. Our owners can go in and provide fund raising solutions for schools, so those schools can still offer those impactful programs. We have local business owners all over the United States becoming a part of that community’s fabric.

Can you describe a typical day of a franchise owner?

Answer: They are going to be out and about, meeting with Principals, meeting with PTA contacts, doing launch meetings with perspective schools. They will be doing PTA crashes, attending meetings, and networking. They will also be managing and building teams of athletes. Basically, an owners role is to become the face of their business.

What is the biggest challenge to buying or owning an Apex Leadership Co. and what advice can you give to overcome it?

Answer: How quickly you can get out and network in your community and establish those key relationships with schools. You control your launch timeline as an owner. Someone that thinks they are smarter than the system or wants to run their own show can struggle with Apex Leadership Co. We have a proven model that works.

Can you describe an ideal owner for Apex Leadership co./Apex Fun Run ?

Answer: Mover and a shaker, someone who is resilient, persistent in the recruitment efforts and sales experience. You will need to be out in the community and signing on many schools as possible. Someone that can follow a proven process. When you hear the word no, do you shut down or does it motivate you? You want to be someone that can scale and grow a business. This model must align with who you are personally.

Can you describe what a candidate will experience while researching Apex Leadership co./Apex Fun Run ?

Answer: We have a proven 30/60/90-day marketing plan for our owners to follow and implement immediately. We train our owners to follow a proven process.

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