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Multiple Revenue Streams/ Recurring Revenue

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is the industry leader in outdoor lighting and outdoor lighting is all we do.


· Low Investment/ High Margin

· Home-based business

· Recurring revenue that builds year over year

· Multiple Revenue Streams with -Business to Homeowner and Business to


· Year-round opportunities with Residential/Holiday/Hospitality

· Owner primarily markets, builds relationships and manages the business

· Scalable service business

· Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is the leader in the lighting industry

Our robust business model at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives encompasses 3 Main Revenue Streams:

1. Residential- Landscape and Architectural LED outdoor lighting. Custom design, installation, and ongoing service and maintenance programs.

2. Holiday- Professional Holiday Designs for Commercial and Residential Properties. Design, Installation, Take-Down, and Storage.

3. Hospitality and Commercial- Custom Design, Install, and ongoing service and maintenance for Hotels, Bed, and Breakfasts, Commercial Buildings.

Questions and Answers

1. How did the franchise get started and what is the background of your executives?

The franchise was started over 20 years ago. OLP is part of Outdoor Living Brands, which is a multi-branded franchise system based out of Richmond, Virginia. The partners of Outdoor Living Brands come from both franchising and private equity backgrounds.

At OUTDOOR LIGHTING PERSPECTIVES, you can count on unparalleled support from a smart, enthusiastic and engaged support staff. Our team prides itself on the success and satisfaction of our franchisees. We are fortunate to have members of the support team that have come from being franchisees themselves, so they have come with a great understanding of what it is like to be out in the field.

2. What sets you apart from your competitors? At OUTDOOR LIGHTING PERSPECTIVES, lighting is all we do. We are the nation’s leader in the industry and continue to provide our franchisees new opportunities in all aspects of the model including products, support, and education to position them as the leader in their market. Most competitors have never been professionally trained in lighting and utilize lighting as an “add on” service to landscape or irrigation work.

2. Why a franchise vs. a startup or existing business?

OUTDOOR LIGHTING PERSPECTIVES is fortunate to have 21 years of experience and have robust support and processes available to set a new franchisee up right from the beginning. Our experienced team is there to train and assist them whether it be in sales, marketing, lighting product and design, operations, IT, and much more. Our training and support are available to those in the system for 1 week or 20+ years. We thrive on watching our franchisees succeed!

3. What is the best thing about being a part of OUTDOOR LIGHTING PERSPECTIVES?

OLP is not just a business or franchise system, it is a family of passionate business owners from all different backgrounds. The bonds created in the system last a lifetime and are something that our franchisees treasure. IN ADDITION, with OLP, our franchisees get the opportunity to design something that has a tangible end result. The process is something the client looks forward to and is excited to see the franchisee when they arrive! It is a positive experience and a great way to get out and about each day while deriving satisfaction from what you do.

4. Can you describe a typical day of a franchise owner?

· The owner typically works normal business hours.

· Sales and Marketing

· Client meetings and design appointments

· Manage the business and financials

· Hire and train employees

· B2B Rainmaker (relationships with builders, landscapers, landscape

· architects, and strategic partners for referral business)

· Scheduling jobs for technicians

5. Can you describe an ideal owner for OUTDOOR LIGHTING PERSPECTIVES

· Highly client service-oriented

· Sales and marketing

· Enjoys design

· Independent thinker

· Outgoing and enjoys building relationships/ networking

· Self-starter

· Able to follow a proven marketing system

· History of professional success

· Financially qualified (credit scores, franchise fees, living expenses)

6. Can you describe what a candidate will experience while researching OUTDOOR LIGHTING PERSPECTIVES? We pride ourselves on a discovery process that is very thorough and want to invite the candidate to gain as much information as they possibly can so they may make an informed decision. Our discovery includes an introductory call with our leader of franchise development (a prior franchisee of the brand), a webinar with our VP of OLP, FDD review, franchisee validation, capital planning calls and a confirmation day here at our headquarters. (Typical time frame of the Discovery Process 30-60 days)

We do not offer funding, but we do offer third party referrals that are very familiar with ARCHADECK and our positive track record. OUTDOOR LIGHTING PERSPECTIVES is SBA approved.

7. Do you offer any funding?

We do not offer funding, but we do offer third party referrals that are very familiar with ARCHADECK and our positive track record. OUTDOOR LIGHTING PERSPECTIVES is SBA approved.

8. Tell us a little about OUTDOOR LIGHTING PERSPECTIVES support and training program.


Quick Start-Up-

In most cases, you can hit the ground running after coming home from our comprehensive 1 1⁄2 week training class at our headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. All new franchisees receive a Pre-Training Checklist prior to their arrival at training. At the training, they will complete:

· A comprehensive marketing workshop where franchisees are introduced to both inbound and outbound forms that will be available to them.

· Product knowledge sessions taught by our In-House Product Specialist explaining the lighting in detail and training on aspects of design

· Time in the field performing an actual outdoor lighting installation and nighttime demonstration.

· Sales and Operations Sessions

· IT Sessions learning the proprietary CRM

· Accounting – Setting up quick books chart of accounts to prepare for book

keeping and annual benchmarking studies

9. What kind of input will I have in marketing and advertising?

There is a great deal of opportunity for the franchisee to be involved in marketing and advertising for their location. We have inbound and outbound marketing professionals on our team, along with an in-house graphics team that can create custom work for the franchisee upon request. Our team is ready to work with each new franchisee and look at each individual market to drill down and help create the best plan.

There is no brick and mortar necessary for OUTDOOR LIGHTING PERSPECTIVES. Most new locations begin by working from home, as their client appointments are at their client's space. This helps to keep the initial start-up costs down.

10. Do I have to own a brick and mortar location? If so, can you tell us a little about that? There is no brick and mortar necessary for OUTDOOR LIGHTING PERSPECTIVES. Most new locations begin by working from home, as their client appointments are at their client's space. This helps to keep the initial start-up costs down.

11. What are the important factors for a successful franchise owner?

Successful franchisees are willing to get out each day and network, build trade relationships and create opportunities. They have a desire for success and are going to do what it takes and have a passion to grow their business. They are great communicators with both the high-end clientele and the technicians who are providing the labor for their jobs. Successful franchisees are willing to follow a system and are not afraid to call the support team for assistance.






Sarah Barker | SSB Consulting

Franchise Consultant  & Recruiting Specialist

Located in Boise, ID

Working with clients in all states.

*LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The information contained on this website does not constitute the offer and sale of a franchise. It is for information purposes only. 







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