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Recession Proof Franchises

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

The recession of 2008 wasn’t that far away in memory. As a result of the recession many small businesses closed. While it is impossible to guarantee that an industry is “recession proof,” there are certainly industries that do well — or even thrive — during times of widespread unemployment and economic recession. When exploring a recession proof franchise, consider these categories that fare better during a recession.

1. Senior Care There are currently 47 million senior citizens in America alone, according to the U.S. Census, and that number is forecast to double over the next two decades. Seniors still need to get groceries, make meals, clean the house and dozens of other everyday tasks. That’s where a senior home care provider comes in. As more and more folks get old, the demand for caregivers will grow too.

2. Maintenance or restoration businesses - The type of work that these businesses do is not an option. Homeowners need to get their lives back to normal. Business owners need to do business again.

3. Consignment Shops People shop during a downturn, but they’ll steer clear of the high-end stores and head straight to the consignment shop. Most consignment shops run on a model to buy high end fashion at a percentage. This allows the shop to turn a profit on the sale and the seller to make money on clothes they have grown tired of. This is a win-win situation for the buyer and seller. Everyone loves a bargain; this is especially true during a recession.

4. Child Education- Many child-based services will also remain in demand regardless of the state of the economy, particularly those that provide childcare because as long as parents have jobs, they need help taking care of their children.

5. Auto Repair - If you tend to keep your car for a long time, you’re going to need things like tires, a new exhaust system, and maybe even a new transmission. Franchise businesses exist today that provide all of those products and services. And they’re recession-proof.

6. Hair Styling- Hairdressing is often glibly described as “recession-proof” because it is one of the last expenditures consumers give up during tough economic times. An average consumer may result to a at home kit to color their hair but they will still splurge on a good haircut.

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