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The pros and cons of working from home

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

There are several ways to operate a business. You can open a retail store front, rent an office in an industrial park or work from home; They all have their pros and cons. Since I have a home office I want to discuss my experience.


  • Pros- The only overhead you carry when working from home is office equipment and marketing. And yes, if you have employees and own a service business you will have the cost of that too. For the most part you will not be carrying a 5K space rent for that fancy downtown location. This can be an affordable option for someone just starting a business or looking for an affordable franchise opportunity.

  • Cons- Some people want a place to go everyday. If you love your dogs and they hang out with you in the house, sometimes they don't know you're on the phone with a client (neither does Amazon). This can be a mild but annoying interruption throughout the day, there is no closing your door from a barking dog or door bell.

Your co-workers

  • Pros - Have you always dreaded Jan from accounting chatting endlessly about that reality show you have never seen or wouldn't watch? There is no Jan, just you and if you're like me, your dogs. Maybe Jan was you and your obsession with Game of Thrones, now you can take it to chat rooms and be with your people.

  • Cons- (No co-workers)If you love people this can be a hard and lonely transition. There are no Monday morning meeting banter and no Game of Thrones theory. Maybe Jan was your work friend and now you don't have that regular interaction. Though I am still adjusting to this, I find it does get easier and you find other ways to have that face-to-face social interaction.


This is another reason I like working from home. I live in an area that is growing a rapid pace and sitting in traffic 1.5hrs a day to go 30 miles each way, was starting to be a normal occurrence. Now I use that time to garden or take care of my house. Let's face it, there is no "con" to no traffic; couldn't everyone use an extra 1.5hrs in their day?

Save money

I maybe drive my car 1-2x a week, I fill my gas tank once a month. There is little to no filling up or wear and tear on my car anymore. Cons - You're opening a business and there is going to be an expense any way that you look at it, so this is a wash because you are leaving a secure paycheck.

Comfortable clothes

Other than the occasional networking group meeting, you are generally talking to people via phone conversations. Good bye suits, ties, or pantyhose, hello comfortable attire.


Taking a break at an office job is different than your home office. If I'm frustrated or work fatigued, I clean my house. I'm not sure if this is a pro or con? For me, it's relaxing and I can maintain my house, take a break, and have some time to reflect on whatever I'm working on. Plus, clean house..

These are some of the many things I enjoy about working from home. The bonus of buying a franchise is you get to be in business for yourself, not by yourself. The support of the franchise is there to help. If this sounds appealing to you and you would like to explore buying a (franchise) business, you can reach me at or visit our website at and look at our home-based opportunities.

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