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What To Expect When Working With A Coach In Business ~ Interview Featuring Sally Brady

In my business as a Franchise Consultant, and I talk to many clients that hate their job or have experienced a change (layoff, termination, quit, etc). This leads them to the path of exploring business ownership. Some have what it takes to take the leap and finally own their own business, but some would really benefit from working with a business coach first. Coaches are a great way to get to the root of what you really want and find your passion.

I have asked Business & Confidence Coach Sally Brady to be apart of my interview series, and tell us more about what to expect from coaching. Click here to read more about Sally's journey to becoming a coach.

Question ~When coaching a client that wants to own a business, what steps do you take to help them over the hurdle if fear/lack of confidence is holding them back?

Answer~ The main support here is the goal itself, so what would it feel like to achieve this goal and the outcome.

I use my experience of my own fears here, I had a huge wobble a couple of weeks before I launched my business as I started to question why people would want to come to me as a coach, but this is actually our emotional brain kicking in and once we can encourage the logical side of our brain then we actually start to focus.

The answer here is, I would get my client to focus on the goal itself and what it would mean to them to be their own boss, to imagine the success and what life will be like in 5, 10 or 20 years time when you have achieved that ultimate goal of being a success in their own right, visualize what this success would look like and feel like. This way we bring the real focus to the forefront and the fear starts to subside.

We also have to look at the “why”, this helps enormously, why do you want to own your own business, again when I bring my own experience in here I valued my freedom and wanted to be able to work around my family and be able to choose who I worked with. The “why” is also an important factor that kicks the fear into touch.

Question ~ When is it a time to own a business vs. time to just change jobs or professions?

Answer~This is purely down to the individual, starting your own business is a very different route to changing jobs or professions.

I have worked for someone else and owned a business. I had originally fallen into my role of working for someone else many years ago and having hit burnout. I found that although I’d had a successful career, I wanted to help other professionals who are going through similar issues what I had faced.

I see this more and more now, people have no idea what they want to do and find themselves in roles they started after school, college or university and they are not how they envisaged life to be, quite often it has been to satisfy a need for money or parents at that time in their lives.

Question ~ What do find is the number one thing or top 2 that hold people back from achieving a goal to be their own boss?

Answer~ Fear of failure is the main one and this often disguises itself within excuses such as lack of funding, feeling too many people are doing the same thing so you may be flooding the market and the “what if’s”, what if no one wants my services, what if I don’t make a million in my first year.

The truth of the matter is that if you conquer your fear and you have the want and drive to succeed in business you will! It’s tough and it’s hard work, but if you are prepared to work on yourself and your own mindset then you are more likely to succeed.

We have to allow ourselves to accept failures too, otherwise we don’t learn or grow, not being so hard on yourself and promising the earth to yourself and others when you can’t deliver is key, don’t set yourself up to fail at the first hurdle, set small achievable goals and then aim higher when you hit those first goal.

Question ~ How do you get out of your comfort zone?

Answer~ I am sure people hear this a lot but basically do something even one small thing every day that makes you feel uncomfortable.

I can use myself as an example, I hated the whole “sales” experience of having to get myself out in the marketplace and connect with people! I had been a blinkered Accountant for years so having to sell myself and my coaching put me so far out of my comfort zone.

I set myself a small target each day, I had to connect with at least 10 people in the same industry as myself per day on LinkedIn and then engage with them, at first I felt uncomfortable, but after a while the conversations I had really helped. I felt just by reaching out and talking to other Coaches helped me enormously it gave me the confidence I needed to then start connecting with my ideal clients.

Question ~If someone wants to work with you, what can they expect?

Answer~They can certainly expect to be pushed out of their comfort zone!

I prefer to work on weekly 1-2-1 sessions as this gives my client more focus and we can achieve results much quicker than fortnightly sessions. I encouraged my clients to read books that I recommend one of my favorites is the “Chimp Paradox” by Professor Steve Peters as I find this explains the way our brain works brilliantly and helps clients understand their emotions.

I also like to give work (Homework) in between sessions, it keeps the client focused on what we are working on and helps motivate and gain clarity around the issues they face.

I am very supportive in my style and like to ensure my clients feel that they can contact me outside of our sessions as I am committed as much as they are to their successes.

To lean more about Sally Brady

A fully accredited Coach under the IAPC&M


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