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Control your destiny and financial security by offering real solutions to people who are desperate for better health and wellness solutions.

the opportunity

PÜR LIFE Medical. A true game-changer.

PUR LIFE Medical is a revolutionary approach to healthcare. They provide you with effective treatments for a wide range of conditions including chronic pain, diabetes, neuropathy, joint issues, sexual dysfunction, hormone imbalance, weight issues, low energy and more.

Large ROI 

Freedom to work your own hours and make your own decisions

Opportunity to generate ongoing income with PUR LIFE Medical's modeled tiered health plan / membership program

Access to the latest technology and wellness programs

multiple revenue sources

PUR LIFE Personalized Medicine Protocols:

  • PUR Hormone therapy - restores healthy hormone levels

  • Pur Bioenergetic Microcurrent - Energy production, cellular healing, pain and inflammation reduction

  • PUR Wave Therapy - Triggers new blood vessel formation for improved blood and nutrition flow

  • PUR IV - Drip systems for hydration, immunity, energy, anti-aging and more

  • PUR Light - Light therapy for cellular regeneration and healing

  • PUR Nutrition - Custom nutrition plans to support healing

  • PUR Regenerative Biologics - Ethical (umbilical cord) stem-cell therapy to aid regrowth of damaged tissue

  • PUR Supplements - Most effective supplements on the market

  • PUR Weight Loss - Exclusive unparalleled weight loss techniques developed over 20 years with thousands of patients

  • PUR Concierge Medicine - In addition to their proprietary protocols, their licensed healthcare providers provide basic family practice medical services

How are they different?

• One-of-a-Kind Franchise

• Disruptive life-changing technologies

• Innovative and affordable protocols previously only accessible by the  well-connected:

Professional sports competitors


Well-connected people in-the-know

• Synergy:

One-stop clinic

Tests, treatments, and therapies work together for the best possible outcome

One of the hottest franchise opportunities ever offered!

ideal client

Business experience in management, sales or operations

• Financially qualified

• Able to work well with people on all levels

• Desire to follow a proven system

• Interest in healthcare or wellness helpful, but not required


A Day in the Life

Semi-absentee owned investment where franchisees can oversee a manager/doctor who runs the clinic. NOTE: Doctor-owned clinics are required in some areas. This is the most rewarding franchise: We get to save lives, change lives, help patients feel more comfortable, and relieve those in pain. It is the best paycheck of all.

Support & Training

Generate Clients quickly to build business and customer base

• Accelerated “One-to-Many” Marketing System

• Successful innovative marketing  co-operative

• Full hands-on training curriculum

• Knowledgeable and experienced training from medical professionals

• Latest technologies and leading-edge medical and wellness developments

• High-level ongoing support

• Access to Business Advisory Board


Site Selection

Several options including:

• Existing medical clinic conversion

• 1800-3600 sq ft new build-out clinics

• Assistance with finding the right location

• Lease negotiation and site design assistance


3% Master's royalty

Ad Fee Structure: 1% of daily gross revenues, may increase up to 2%

  • average employees: 3
  • business type:
  • Retail
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