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Cash Investment (Liquid): $125,000

Minimum Investment: $198,500

Maximum Investment: $396,450

Minimum Net Worth: $350,000

Franchise Fee: $45,000

Business Type
  • Retail


  • B2C

  • Vet Fran

Average # of Employees:


Participation Type:

  • Owner-Operator

  • Executive Model


  • Year Established: 2006

  • Year First Franchised: 2007

Romp n' Roll

Romp n' Roll is the place three month to five year old children go to experience socialization, fun, and learning in a safe, nurturing environment.

It is:

1) A kid-tested and approved gym, art and music experience designed for socialization, fun and learning

2) A reliable, well-established children's company with trained, expert instructors.

3) Unique educational and play-based curriculum with a new theme every week that provides a strong learning foundation.

Romp n' Roll operates on an affordable monthly membership fee model (similar to a health club membership), which auto-renews, providing recurring revenue streams. Minimal inventory, no receivables, low investment and part-time staff will also enhance the profitability.

Why US?

Three revenue streams:

  • Memberships: They provide classes seven days a week that parents are able to sign up for daily with their membership and open playtime is unlimited.

  • Birthday parties: Birthday parties are offered on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

  • Other events: Seasonal, Romp n' Roll events, pajama parties, storytelling, parent's and kid's night outs and winter and summer camps are just a few!


  • Marketing: Online marketing platform with approved collateral. Ongoing multi-layered campaigns through the year with step-by-step execution guidance. Outside agency support for local marketing/ digital initiatives, and much more.

  • Real estate and construction: Cushman-Wakefield is their commercial brokerage firm which designates a broker in the franchisee's local market for assistance. They have a real estate/construction project management vendor that supports this activity to the point of opening.

  • Programming: Over 1,000 curriculums exist for the Romp n' Roll classes. They continue to develop and update programming and events

Ideal Candidate:

Their ideal candidate has a passion and interest in bringing a children's enrichment business to their community. They should be comfortable with networking and sales and have an understanding of business and management fundamentals. They do not need to have educational or early childhood background to be an effective franchisee.

Their most recent franchisee profiles:

**Mother of two under eight that came from field marketing management positions with Heinz and Miller Coors. Didn't want to go back to the corporate environment and wants to do something that will impact other children and support families in the area. Her husband is a master electrician and is in the process of buying into his current company.

**Husband and wife that both work for Wells Fargo. She has a more flexible schedule and works from home. They have three young children and love the addition this business brings to the community. Hired a general manager for the business's main day to day.

**Mother of one young child under five that realized after three years at home that she doesn't want to go back to her previous job as a financial consultant. Her husband is a diplomat. She purchased two territories and plans to hire a general manager for each location.

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