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Cash Investment (Liquid): $100,000

Minimum Investment: $249,500

Maximum Investment: $481,800

Minimum Net Worth: $500,000

Franchise Fee: $60,000

Business Type
  • Retail 


  • B2C

  • NA

Average # of Employees:


Participation Type:

  • Executive Model

  • Semi-Absentee


  • Year Established: 2008

  • Year First Franchised: 2018

Row House

Row House is revolutionizing the rowing exercise segment! Recognized by serious athletes for decades as one of the most effective forms of full-body exercise, Rowing is one of the main pillars of fitness and works the upper body, lower body and core all at once. With their inclusive program design and communal experience, all levels of clients can benefit from their non-impact group workouts as over 85% of the body's muscles are worked with every stroke! Why work different muscle groups on different days, when you can work all in a single workout with them?

Why US?

The Row House team has designed several signature, proprietary class formats in order to fit the needs and aspirations of many clients, from young to more senior, and from beginner to advanced. They want there to be a good class fit for anyone, and have therefore perfected a unique approach to ensuring an inclusive, team-oriented experience and the most effective results for clients from this full-body exercise.

This Row House approach includes:

  • The widest array of rowing-centric classes available anywhere, designed to create an unparalleled experience, challenge clients at every level and create quick results. This brings a LOT of personality and variation to class offerings to keep them unique, and prevent a robotic feel

  • Brand new state of the art equipment in every studio, including top-quality ERG Rowers and smaller hand-held equipment to incorporate during floor-based intervals to ensure a balanced, full-body workout every time.

  • Inspirational studio space encompassed by rowing and team-centric images, unique lighting and an incredible sound system

  • Instructors row WITH the class, but also move around the studio off of the rowers to motivate and inspire members throughout the experience, and to enhance the communal component of the experience


Strong Starts

  • Site selection and lease negotiation

  • Studio construction management

  • Franchise Row House University week-long training

  • Initial hiring visit & Grand opening visit

Ongoing Support

  • Monthly support calls - to track business progress

  • KPI training

  • 2X yearly field support visists - Bi Annual Review

  • Turn key annual marketing calendar

  • Marketing support

Real estate and construction support

  • Exceptional National Vendors assist in every aspect of Real Estate

  • Site Evaluation

  • Site selection

  • Lease negotiation

  • Lease review

  • Architecture

  • Engineering

  • Construction management

Function of the Owner

  • Oversee real estate site selection and lease negotiation (corp provides knowledge and support, additionally have contracted 3rd party vendors to support real estate and construction management)

  • Oversee Grand opening (corp provides knowledge and support and spends time in studio with owner/manager after initial training at corporate office)

  • Oversee marketing

  • Manage the managers

  • Manage finance/accounting

  • Hire, train, and manage manager

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