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Cash Investment (Liquid): $100,000

Minimum Investment: $68,000

Maximum Investment: $95,000

Minimum Net Worth: $150,000

Franchise Fee: $68,000

Business Type
  • Home Based


  • B2B

Vet Fran

Average # of Employees:


Participation Type:

  • Owner-Operator

  • Executive Model


  • Year Established: 2004

  • Year First Franchised: 2004

Schooley Mitchell

Professional B2B Consulting Franchise helping businesses make decisions about merchant services, waste, small package shipping, telecom services and products, E-signatures and electronic logging devices. They only charge the client a fee if they save them money, which makes client acquisition an easy process. Their Franchisees are independent of all suppliers - no commissions, residuals, or kickbacks from suppliers - they always look out for their client's best interest

What We Are Not

We are not vendors of business products or services, which means we don’t sell to you, but we do help you reduce costs.

What We Are

We are professional independent consultants helping you to profit by staying on top of the marketplace on your behalf – and making sure you don’t pay more than you should for your various business services.

Our Unique Offering – Contingent on Success

We are very confident in the results that we will create for our clients, so we don’t charge any fees at all if we can’t find savings for you. We simply share in the savings we find through expense reductions and error recoveries.

Our Motivation

We are completely independent and objective. We receive no payments of any kind from vendors – we are completely motivated to help only you.

Why US?

Their basic service, referred to as Existing Systems Review, is really quite simple. They review all the services and equipment that a business uses to communicate and operate. That includes merchant services (credit card processing), waste, small package shipping and courier, and telecom services such as cell phones, local service, long distance, conferencing, data, internet.


Their clients are often not familiar with the products and services they are currently using because of the confusing environments in telecom, merchant services, waste and shipping. They then prepare a professional report summarizing the services received and costs incurred. They advise the client about how to recover overpayments and how to receive equal or improved service, for less expense. If they find ways to save them money and the client likes what they've recommended, the fee is an equal portion of the savings for a specified peirod of time!


During the term of the contract with the client, they continue to evaluate their needs and will bring forward additional recommendations that create additional savings for the client and additional fees for their Franchisee. Ultimately, they're creating a recurring revenue stream with their existing clientele.


This is really the strength of our Franchise system. Our experts at Head Office are always available to help you with questions about running your Franchise. We help you with the use of the tools, client solutions, marketing and sales, technology, and almost any other issue that will help you turn this Franchise opportunity into a profitable business. 

The support staff is also responsible for the research function, which ensures that you are kept up to date about changes in the industries to which we consult. This is a continual and ever-changing challenge as these worlds shift almost daily. 

These constant changes are what make you so valuable to your clients. These changes are also the thing that makes our Franchise system so valuable to any one of our Franchise offices. It would be an impossible task to keep up with the changes for any individual. However, our great support team and our vast network of Franchised Consultants deliver a great value to everyone who has pursued a Schooley Mitchell Franchise opportunity. 

Ideal Candidate

  • Sales and Marketing Experience

  • Consulting Experience

  • Management Experience

  • Customer Service Oriented

  • Comfortable with Basic Computer Tools

  • Net Worth: $150k Liquid Capital: $100k 

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