Cash Investment (Liquid): $70000

Minimum Investment: $242600

Maximum Investment: $760550

Minimum Net Worth: $200000

Franchise Fee: $35000

Business Type
  • Retail 


  • B2C

Vet Fran

Average # of Employees:

1 fulltime and 9 part-time

Participation Type:

  • Owner-Operator

  • Executive Model


  • Year Established: 1986

  • Year First Franchised: 1987

Sertinos Coffee

With over 20 years experience in the quick-service restaurant business, All American Specialty Restaurants is excited to introduce Sertinos Coffee, a new experience in specialty coffee and tea.  The relationship between a coffee consumer and their coffee house extends beyond habit and routine. For the contemporary coffee house does more than serve food and beverage - It brews community.

Why US?

Today’s specialty coffee house is a social encounter that defies all other dining experiences. It is a welcoming environment that fosters warmth, human interaction and shared experience. It’s your kind of coffee experience. Is it any wonder many consider the local coffee house to be the new town square?

For many Americans where they drink coffee says more about them than what they order. Sure we all have our differences in taste. But one thing is for certain – everybody is searching for that special coffee experience and not just coffee drinkers. There is no time like the present to consider the possibilities of tapping into this growing business opportunity in your market.

As a potential Sertinos franchise owner we know you are seeking new business opportunities to capitalize on the explosive growth of the specialty coffee market. A Sertinos franchise comes with great potential. You will be indulging your customers with more than fine coffees and tea. You’re brewing a community as rich and inviting as the neighborhood itself. It’s your kind of coffee. 


Financial Assistance Provided: Yes, Sertinos is a member of the SBA Franchise Registry which enables the SBA and it's participating lenders to check a franchise's eligibility resulting in a reduction of paperwork, time and costs


•    One-week operations and system training at corporate office in Portland, Oregon  (classroom)
•    Three Weeks in-store training prior to and at restaurant opening
•    One week training after restaurant opening (remedial).
•    Scheduled in store visitations for remedial training.

Ideal Candidate

Characteristics they look for in a franchise partner:

  • A passion for fresh, authentic ingredients 

  • A willingness to be hands-on in the running of your business

  • Positive leadership and motivational skills

  • The ability to work independently within the structure of the brand

  • Ability to network and develop relationships in the community

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Sarah Barker | SSB Consulting

Franchise Consultant  & Recruiting Specialist

Located in Boise, ID, but I work with clients in all states.








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