Cash Investment (Liquid): $200000

Minimum Investment: $425550

Maximum Investment: $939850

Minimum Net Worth: $500000

Franchise Fee: $40000

Business Type
  • Retail 


  • B2C

Vet Fran

Average # of Employees:


Participation Type:

  • Owner-Operator

  • Executive Model


  • Year Established: 2010

  • Year First Franchised: 2017

Stacked Pickle

Sports. Wings. Burgers. Beer. That's what customers, investors, and Franchise Owners love about Stacked Pickle. They are a full service restaurant that serves up delicious food, and great drinks while creating a wonderful community. What truly sets them apart however, is the energy they bring and the championship teams they build. Whether it's about their food, company culture, or the community they create and serve, there's a lot there to love.

Why US?

Super Bowl Winning Mentorship: Their Franchise Owners have the once in a lifetime opportunity to be closely mentored by a champion. Gary Brackett has the experience, competence, and tenacity that it takes to bring about the ultimate level of success in those around him. A true leader, he has proven this by leading his defensive team to win Super Bowl XLI with the Indianapolis Colts. He has applied these values to successfully leading nine Stacked Pickle restaurants.

  • Low Initial Investment: When compared to other similar concepts, Stacked Pickle's low initial investment is a game changer. The low cost of opening a Stacked Pickle location allows entrepreneurs to get into business quickly and with less risk. They have perfected a business strategy that enables Franchise Owners to get their doors open at a fraction of the cost and easing the process of opening multiple locations in their local footprint.

  • Optimized for Multiple Units: Growing from one locations to nine in just eight short years has taught their leadership team a thing or two about systemization and scalability. They want to coach their Franchise Owners to success as they follow their proven system while quickly opening up multiple Stacked Pickles of their own, just like Gary did!

  • Exciting and Fun: At Stacked Pickle, It's Always Game Time! Their customers, employees, and Owners enjoy an upbeat, exciting, and fun atmosphere. Sure, there is hard-work to be done, but you get to do it in a place where people are having a great time, and are appreciative of the food, environment, and legendary customer service they offer. Plus, when the home team wins, it's always awesome to high-five the entire bar!

  • Local Flair: Each location will embody their local community by celebrating their own local athletic leaders and teams. This will reinforce the feeling of the neighborhood bar feel while still capitalizing upon the benefits of being part of a national chain. They have a proven system of growth that they will impart upon Franchise Owners to lead them into developing Stacked Pickle as a pillar in their community.

  • Marketing & Advertising Assistance: True to their culture of excellence, their marketing team will partner with new Franchise Owners in order to guide them in achieving promotional success. They will go the extra mile in coaching new Franchise Owners through the training and development they need for their locations to flourish. This personalized support includes franchise-wide marketing campaigns and access to a knowledge base that has been proven to drive sales to locations.


They set all of their Franchise Owners up for success by offering an extensive four-week training program that includes financial management, food safety, alcohol safety, as well as position specific training for all restaurant roles including hosting, serving, and back of house. This training may take place at their location in Indianapolis, IN or at a new store location. As part of their commitment supporting leadership excellence, Franchise Owners will receive training in each restaurant role so that they can coach their own teams directly. This four-week training is in addition to the two weeks of on-site training that takes place during grand opening and may be broken up in order to better fit a new Franchise Owner's schedule.

Once a Franchise Owner joins the Stacked Pickle team, they are part of their team. Their staff will offer substantial on-site support during the grand opening for each new franchise location. Gary Brackett will be present in order to lend his special leadership qualities and host a book signing. After opening, they will have two scheduled and two unscheduled store visits each quarter in order to provide guidance and feedback on meeting franchise store standards of excellence.

They provide all new Franchise Owners with site selection, lease negotiation, and build out support. Prior to opening, they will visit the new market in order to review and approve the proposed location before the lease negotiation process begins. A third party resource will be brought in order to ensure that the store build out meets specifications.

Ideal Candidate

They're looking for Franchise Owners who are servant leaders. They serve their team, family, and local community by leading them to excellence. They inspire the people around them through their ability to operate in complete integrity and to implement their philosophy and core values.

Their ideal Franchise Owner will exhibit grounding and clarity even in the most intense situation and will address conflict with prescence. They iunderstand that challenges and losses happen and are ready to lead by example in order to show their team that it's how you come back from these experiences that define you. They do not require prior restaurant experience, but wouild prefer a background in management.

  • Leadership & Management experience

  • Strong business acumen

  • Excellent cultural fit for the organization

  • Commitment to outstanding customer service

  • Multi-Unit capable

  • Organized & accountable

  • Motivated & outgoing

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