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 Street Corner Urban Market

the opportunity

The Street Corner Urban Market concept sets us miles apart from traditional, mainstream convenience stores that lack soul and vision. Becoming a Street Corner franchise owner is a proven way to affordably build your own business, and you’ll gain access to high-quality design plans, vendors, and hands-on training.Street Corner always has the perfect format to meet your market’s urban lifestyle needs as well as your investment level




Convenience doesn't have to be tired and soulless.  Fresh grocery items and an optional full-service deli are staples at this go-to neighborhood market.



The future has arrived, and it’s at our fuel stations. Upscale design and high-tech checkout options provide hurried customers with the ultimate convenience.



Our Mall formats are comfortable and convenient for both mall shoppers and employees, and their smaller footprints are easy to staff, clean, and stock.


There’s a gap in the marketplace between large-scale grocery stores and tiny convenience stores, and the Urban Superette is here to fill that gap. Located in mixed-use environments within dense population centers, the Urban Superette’s high traffic and visibility make it a hub of activity. With its sleek and refined decor, the store’s fresh, inviting look consistently attracts a diverse customer base that includes professionals, students, building residents, and families. While other industry players often rely on mediocre food offerings, our urban markets offer fresh, appealing, flavorful and, where possible, locally sourced options (think fresh breads, coffee and espresso-style drinks, and craft beer). A wide selection of grocery items and quick-serve prepared foods are intended to maximize profits, while our finish-to-order program is designed with speed of service in mind and keeps production costs down. Additionally, customers are encouraged to sit and stay awhile as they enjoy their snacks and beverages. And because the urban lifestyle doesn’t always conform to business hours, the Urban Superette store format may offer building residents the opportunity to purchase essentials outside of operating hours. With this option, occupants can gain access via electronic access control, then shop for items, and scan their merchandise at a self-checkout.

Urban Superette:  Franchise fee $24,900, Royalties: 4.95% Investment Range:  $260,000 - $539,800


On our corner, you’ll find more than just gas and Gatorade. Technology meets convenience in the fuel station format, which provides customers with a variety of grab-and-go essentials and freshly prepared food products, a coffee bar, optional full-service deli, and even an electric car charging station. Additionally, this store’s upscale design — complete with ceramic distressed wood-look flooring and well-marked departments — is inviting to both locals and travelers passing through. And because shoppers are typically on the move when making a pitstop at a Street Corner fuel station, we make speed and efficiency our top priority. Purchases can be made in-store, via drive-through, or at the pump. In addition to manned registers, optional self-checkout kiosks ensure customer ease and help keep staffing costs low. Touch screens at the pump allow customers to pay for gas and merchandise in a single transaction, with the option to have their purchases delivered to their vehicle via overhead conveyor.

Gas Station with C-Store :  Franchise fee $24,900, Royalties: 3.00% Investment Starting at:  $460,000 - $1,719,800 (Existing location acquire and remodel)


At Street Corner’s mall stores, we bring convenience back into fashion. These stores are built using the latest design concepts, high-quality decor, and attention-grabbing exterior signage — all ensuring a welcoming and enjoyable shopping experience for a captive audience of shoppers and mall employees. Additionally, a mall store is a safe, friendly, and comfortable environment in which to do business. Mall stores offer some of our most economical start-up costs, typically come with favorable long-term leases ensuring franchise owners maximize profits, they require the least amount of staffing and maintenance, and require lower operating and inventory costs. And that’s something that never goes out of style.

Mall Stores - In-Line or Kiosk :  Franchise fee $24,900, Royalties: 4.95% Investment Range: $99,400 - $325,900

Training & Support

Varies depending on model see above

Varies depending on model see above 

  • average employees: 3
  • business type:
  • Retail 


Committed to their Franchisees' success, Street Corner staff provides rigorous training and support programs and assists Franchisees with every aspect of store merchandising and operation. Programs include assistance with site selection, lease negotiation, initial training, and continuous guidance in promotion, purchasing, bookkeeping, inventory control, stocking and display.

  • Assistance in site construction and store design

  • Initial training in operations, merchandising and customer service

  • Ongoing operational and promotional support and consultation

  • Ongoing development of new procedures, products and sourcing

  • System-wide communications

  • Sophisticated POS and up-to-the-minute Security System

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