Victoria BC 2019

Here is me in a nutshell, I'm an average middle aged white woman in her 40's.  I've been married for 20 years and have two kids and too many animals.  I'm from Idaho, and I love to travel. 

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Overall Ratings~ A city in review 

Location: Victoria, capital of British Columbia, sits on the southern end of Vancouver Island.

EST Population:  380K

City Size: 7.5 Miles

Median Household Income: 53K

Median Age 42.3

Attractions:  Keep in mind there are so many things to do in Victoria.  This is my list and what I had time to do!  This is listed in order of great, to meh, to skip it.  

Whale Watching (Great) - I'm from Idaho, so seeing a whale only happens when I"m next to the ocean (like most people).  The Whale watching tours were are 120CA$, luckily for us we picked a day when most of the tourists had left and got it for 90CA$.  On this trip we saw at least 10 Killer Whales and 10 Humpbacks.   We went on Eagle Wing Tours  Wild for Whales tour located at Fisherman's Wharf.  While waiting for your boat you can check out the house boats that are very cool, it's a big tourist location but the food it pretty decent for grab and go.  










Tips - Be on the last tour, they will spend more hours looking for whales because there is no other scheduled tour.  Ask them what the slowest day is while you are there to get the best pricing.  And if possible sit next to the captain, they will tell you all the facts about the whales and island.

Downtown (Great)

Museums (Meh)

Bus Tour (Skip it)

Gettin Around

Food, Food, and More Food ~ The Skinny

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